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Born in Scotland on January 17th, 1956.


Height: 5' 4"


Eyes: grey/green.


Hair: natural golden-blonde.


Husband: William John Rodgers, from 1975 - 1986.  Divorced. 

Four children (3 living):  Daniel William (1977) stillborn; Elizabeth-Anne (Beth) (1978); Laura Catherine (1979); Jordan William (1982).


Husband: Brian Keith Brackstone, from 1987 - present. 

Five children (1 living): Sarah Kathleen (1988);  Baby (1990), and Baby (1991), lost to miscarriage; Benjamin Brian and Gabriel Brian (twins) (1998), born prematurely. Deceased.


Six grandchildren: Gavin Liam, Myah Brooklynn, Stephen John,  Darriem William, Connor Peter William, and Naomi Jael.


Mother: Audrey Milne, a secretary.  Deceased.


Father: Robert Johnstone-Moffat, a British Royal Air Force paratrooper.  Deceased.


Siblings: Three brothers - Michael Robert (deceased); Laurence John; and Mark.


Stepfather: John Grieve, a musician.



At age eleven, Jesse won the coveted Brooke Bond Award for creative writing in Scotland and hasn’t stopped writing since - books, poetry, essays, and songs, and standalone musical compositions.  She began playing classical violin at age seven, but for the past four decades her primary instrument has been a classical guitar. She also plays the cello, mandolin, piano, and synthesizer, and has an ongoing love affair with percussion instruments.


Higher education has earned her expertise in Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western Medicine, and naturopathy, and she  graduated from the New York Institute of Photography with a Merit Award for photographic excellence, after which she subsequently won awards from various writing and photographic publications.  Present interests and ongoing studies include behavioral psychology, astronomy, and linguistics.


"We're a six-language household and speak French on Mondays, Spanish on Tuesdays, Italian on Wednesdays, Arabic on Thursdays, and Chinese (Mandarin) on Fridays (we're still at the learning stage with most of these), and English on the weekends.  Learning languages helps us to reach more people, which is, after all, our primary goal in life; there's far too much that separates people already."   


Jesse began work in the missionary field at age eighteen in Canada, and that calling (along with her 'Air Force brat' upbringing) has taken her ‘Not quite around the world, but... almost.’  By age 55 she had lived in 64 places.  She has used her writing and musical gifts to further spread the Word, and  with her husband, Brian, co-founded Without A Word International Ministries.


 An avid environmentalist, philanthropist, and humanitarian, Jesse continues to write, lecture, and sing about the importance of living in harmony with the Earth and each other.


Professionally, she has worked with such notables as John Denver, Joan Baez, Gordon Lightfoot, Liona Boyd, Yehudi Menuhin, Iain King, Mick Ronson, Tracy Wickland, Richard Fortin, and Gord Sheard, to name a few.


Jesse is married to Brian Keith Brackstone (missionary, singer/songwriter/musician, and record producer), and they have four children, and six grandchildren.   


Jesse, due to a truck accident in December 2002, is confined to a wheelchair. and she struggles with multiple skeletal injuries and several chronic disorders including a chronic CNS disorder, which she’s had since birth, Hashimoto’s disease, Diabetes mellitus type 2, a 'nervous' heart, and a rare form of maculopathy, which has left her legally blind. 


Highly productive creatively, Jesse holds to a positive philosophy and takes a proactive approach towards bodily weaknesses, maintaining that "We all wear out eventually, but I’d rather wear out than rust out any day." 


Brian and Jesse, when not in the field, split their time between the States and Canada, either recharging in their cozy cabin in an old ghost town 'At the highway's end,'  in the spectacular Coastal Mountains in British Columbia, or soaking up the glorious Hawai'ian sunshine and the peace and pace of Maui.






Her smile.


Clear, strong, 'celestial' singing voice with a three octave range.


Deeply affecting emotional delivery of songs.


Soft, sensual speaking voice.


Long, natural blonde hair.


Always performs in long dresses - from ball gowns to muumuus.


Loves Sterling roses and always has a profusion on stage.


Always wears lilac-tinted glasses.



Quotes and trivia...


On the rigors of working with difficult physical challenges:

"I'd rather wear out than rust out any day!"


On divorce:

"Apparently, I never get anything right the first time."


What's your favorite thing to do?

"On this Earth?  Praying notwithstanding?  Being with Brian, being with Brian,  being with Brian, being with Brian....  I mean, we sing together, play together, write together, eat, sleep, and dream together....   I guess we pretty much do everything together, so yeah, my favorite thing is just being with Brian."


What's the most important thing to you in life?

"Ooh, that's easy - love!  I love love.  Love is everything.  Mind you, peace is an awfully close second, but then I think that peace comes under the umbrella of love - along with all other good things, so love's the most important thing to me in life.  Definitely!"





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