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Watch this page for details of our upcoming global tour, beginning in 

May 2020...*


WITHOUT A WORD INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES' city-to-city visits enable us to work hands on with various local churches, youth groups, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, universities, libraries, and with each community on a grassroots level for the common good.

We invite you to come along with us on our travels by reading Jesse's En Route blog, visiting this Web site, our YouTube channel, Twitter,and Facebook. 




*Dates and locations are subject to change in keeping with Time & Unforeseen Occurrence(s).


Meanwhile, in answer to your questions, a word about copyright. 


Readers frequently ask us why they can’t just copy their own Digital Version of Time & Unforeseen Occurrence to give to their friends.  The answer is it’s against the law.  Copyright Law is a part of the law of the land, and the penalty for copyright infringement of this kind is a whopping $250,000 - and up to ten years in jail.  So, not a good idea as ideas go, especially with the tracking technology available today.


 Hobo Mountain Publishing and Blacksands Music support and enforce Copyright Law, as the funds generated by the sale of our books, CDs, DVDs, concerts, and other merchandise, help us at WITHOUT A WORD INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES to bring the Gospel to children and families around the world by joining with other concerned companies, churches, artists, and citizens, in sending the bulk of our profits to feed, clothe, house, medicate, educate, and instill the Gospel in the hearts of those who have not heard it.  Thanks to you, together we are making a difference - a life or death difference each and every day.  Bless you! 



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