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 The back jacket cover  reads...


TIME & UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCE is a seven-novel epic drama.  It is the unforgettable story of one woman's search for a light she watched fade and then just... disappear, and the intensely personal journey she embarks upon to find it.  Strongly character driven, and brimming with the intrigue and mystery of the world of high finance, the Secret Service, the Martial Arts, and the love, loyalty, and strength of a united family, it transports us to the idyllic beaches of Maui, the remote jungles of Paraguay, and the turbulent, enigmatic lands of Sri Lanka and Israel - propelled by an enduring love that will not be denied - a love that every heart seeks but few ever find.  At once heartbreaking, joyful, and strikingly honest, it is an odyssey that everyone will want to share.  It is a story of life, of love, of loss, of innocence, courage, and revelation. 

In many ways it is the story of us all. 


Here's what the critics have to say...



Unprecedented Acclaim


 Jesse Leigh Brackstone’s





‘Powerfully written and broad in its scope, this is the most compelling story about the human condition written this century.  A masterpiece.’ 


Bridge River News


Time & Unforeseen Occurrence is the best novel (or series of them) I have read in recent memory.  As the story unfolds, the characters develop vividly and become an inspiration to... anyone.  The series is extraordinarily well written, very readable, and one of the best examples of great literature in our time.’


Dave Anderson
Anderson Financial Consulting


 ‘Every once in a while a book comes along that challenges and changes us profoundly.  Destined to be a classic.’


Sarah Thompson

Elder and Leemaur Publishers.


‘This isn’t a story you read, it’s a journey you experience.  Complex and imaginative it keeps you guessing at every turn.’


Sheila Ashley.


‘This is a powerful, fast-paced story of people so real that we all can feel their heartaches and rejoice in their loves.  Their lives become interwoven with ours and their paths toward spirituality become ours.  We are quickly engaged and at the end, we are left wanting more.’


Elaine Meiklem BA, B Ed.



 ‘The most refreshing and enjoyable book I've read in years.  A definitive discourse on unconditional love and the power and liberation of forgiveness.’


Amy Noe - The Least of These International Ministries.


‘Jesse, I found your series to be interesting and refreshing, so much so that at the end my only regret was that there wasn’t more of it.’


Geno Schmidt

Hand of Help Ministries.


‘Brilliant!  Time & Unforeseen Occurrence is an emotionally charged story of human tragedy and triumph.  Powerfully written, it takes us on a journey of a young woman’s quest for purpose and truth in her life - and ours.  This is a classic series.’


Tim Shulba
Marketing Project Manager

Trinity Western University


Time and Unforeseen Occurrence: Captivating from the onset and riveting in its prose, Jesse has produced an extraordinary series.  So adroitly charged, it is difficult to put down.  It leaves us with unsolved mysteries, yet tempts us with the promise of answers to questions as yet unknown.  Starkly original.’


Ken Champion


‘What can I say about a uniquely intriguing series that defies conventional literary categorization?  Unconditional love is its dominant theme.  Where humans have traditionally built walls, this story gives us bridges.  In a world where vengeance is the accepted creed, the characters demonstrate the awesome power of forgiveness.  Where we would divide, the story unites.  Where we would seek self and independence, the books’ very human characters strive to live to love, serve, and embrace the strength of the family unit.  Jesse draws no lines between black and white, she dissolves the differences between believers, paupers and billionaires, and sages and fools, and takes us on an unforgettable journey.  Timeless, as well as timely, evocative, and thoroughly engaging, Time & Unforeseen Occurrence is a standalone work of art.  Remarkable!’


Justin Fischer

Australian Missionary in China.


'Well, I like conspiracy theories, and whodunits, and I especially enjoyed the eye-opening peek at the fabled 'men behind the curtain,' and the inspiring trip around the globe, but in the end it was (and remains) the grip of love, faith, and family that moved me - deeply.  I've read the series twice now and am looking forward to my upcoming vacation, when I intend to read it again.  I can't wait for the movie'!


Matt Suoko

Author of The Glenrye.





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This Heirloom Collection (above) comes in a sleek presentation box that will visually enhance your personal library, and it includes the thematic album Jenny's Songs Unplugged (below), as well as the unabridged Digital Format of the series.







READ the first five chapters of Time & Unforeseen Occurrence BY CLICKING HERE (you can adjust the magnification to a comfortable level for you**)...

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(**You will need Adobe Reader to read Time & Unforeseen Occurrence in its pdf format, which should NOT be changed.  If you don't already have Adobe Reader, you can download it free BY CLICKING HERE .)


When you order your Heirloom Collection, you will be able to download the digital version of Time & Unforeseen Occurrence and the MP3 Album instantly (so you don't have to wait to continue enjoying the story), and your hard copy presentation set will arrive at your door in 6 - 8 weeks*. 


Your exquisitely crafted Heirloom Collection has been printed on premium quality, 70lb recycled paper, and bound using Smythe Stitching to ensure the durability and longevity of this family treasure. 





Jenny's Songs Unplugged



Jesse explains...

'We first recorded Jenny’s Songs in our home studio, just live to two track at the start of the project, to try to get the right feel and figure out which songs to include on the album - the ones that held to a common artistic vision - the ones that ‘fit,’ and the hardest part of doing that was paring it down to the twelve we wanted that would fit into the allowable forty minutes of airplay. We weren’t very good, however, at sacrificing songs that loudly demanded to be heard, so somehow or other we ended up with fourteen.  I’m told that we’d make lousy industry executives, but what can I say; we’re artists.
'We had previously recorded other versions of maybe half-a-dozen of these songs in the studio years ago, but they lacked the urgency and immediacy that’s inherent in a concert or other live performance, and we felt that Jenny wouldn’t have gone the sterile studio route with the inevitable outtakes and clinically engineered precision.  So, when we sat down and discussed the approach we ought to take, and what the music itself was telling us, we unanimously agreed that the ‘unplugged’ feel was better suited to the way she would have done it.  Since we wanted to be true to Jenny’s character, we ultimately released a real, live, and unvarnished rendition of the songs that we believe best represent her and the unique way in which she views life and the living.
(All of the songs were written by Jesse with the exception of God of Abraham, which Brian wrote (and Tom wrote in the Time & Unforeseen Occurrence series - Book #7)). 

 Song  tracks...

To order the MP3 album of Jenny's Songs Unplugged for



Song Title Artist Time Listen
It's Over  Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:10 It's Over
Sometimes It's Hard to Keep It Real Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:25 Sometimes It's Hard to Keep It Real
The Messenger Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:35 The Messenger
Imagery Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:22 Imagery
Bridging the Distance Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:14 Bridging the Distance
In Her Heart She Knows Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:54 In Her Heart She Knows
Without You Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:00 Without You
Old Eyes Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:47 Old Eyes
Unconditional Love Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 2:54 Unconditional Love
It Ain't Easy Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 2:47 It Ain't Easy
Heartlight Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 4:06 Heartlight
Second Chances Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 3:46 Second Chances
Two by Two Music and Lyrics by Jesse Leigh Brackstone 2:50 Two by Two
God of Abraham Music and Lyrics by Brian K. Brackstone 3:52 God of Abraham

All songs produced and arranged; all background vocals and harmonies sung; and all instruments played by Brian and Jesse Leigh Brackstone. 


If you *like* It's Over, or any other song on Jenny's Songs Unplugged, then please call the radio stations listed below and ask them to 'Play it again,' or play it for the first time if they haven't focused on your favorite song yet.  Do it daily, if you can, and ask ALL your friends to do the same! 


WLTW-FM New York City 106.7 LiteFM - 1-800-222-1067

K-LOVE stations nationwide - 1-800-900-1300

WMMO-FM Orlando - 1-407-423-9666

WTMX 101.9 FM Chicago - 1-312-591-6800

WBYT 100.7 FM Mishawaka IN- 1-888-817-2100

KLTY 94.9 FM Irving TX - 1-214-787-1949


WITHOUT A WORD INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES is compensated for every time our songs are played on the radio, which means that we can feed more hungry children and their families, and educate, medicate, and provide clean drinking water for them.  We thank you in advance for caring. 


For more information about our global ministry, Time & Unforeseen Occurrence, and all else that we do, sit back, relax, and WATCH the interviews with Jesse on BY CLICKING HERE .




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The CD version of Jenny's Songs Unplugged (as depicted above).


The instant download of Jenny's Songs Unplugged MP3 album (for your listening pleasure while at home or on the go).
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*Please note that the Digital Format of Time & Unforeseen Occurrence, and the MP3 of Jenny's Songs Unplugged, are complimentary when you order the Heirloom Collection.




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The instantly delivered, 14-song MP3 album of  Jenny's Songs Unplugged.
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